BatBrowse Virus

BatBrowse Virus

BatBrowse is a browser add-in which promises to enhance the user’s Internet browsing experience by showing Web site reviews and various online transactions. Developers of this plugin (Super Web LLC) claims that BatBrowse will help save time and money while shopping online. Notice that although such added features may seem legitimate, but creators of this add-in uses a deceptive software marketing method called bundling so the majority of computer users install this browser extensions without their consent. Moreover after reluctant installation user experience Internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox) deceleration and are forced to view various unwanted advertisements.

Notice that after successful penetration BatBrowse generating search, banner, text link, transitional, interstitial and full page advertisements, furthermore it tracks IP address, unique identifier number, operating system, browser information, URLs visited, pages viewed, search queries entered, other software and hardware information. Such behavior is typical of adware or potentaily unwanted programs, BatBrowse does not add any significant value to Internet users and can cause malware and privacy issues, it is highly recommended to remove this plugin from the Internet browser.

Download Removal Toolto remove BatBrowse

BatBrowse is a typical adware program which is being distributed using free software downloads. Computer users must be aware of the fact that today the majority of freeware download sites use download client to manage the download process of the chosen free software, they are also used to promote different free browser add-in (most commonly adware that cause unwanted ads and browser redirect issues). Internet users who do not pay close attention to the the download steps of free software can easily end up installing the various potentially unwanted programs. Notice that BatBrowse is the same as other browser plugins created by Super Web LLC, for example Illoxum, Xaven and many other. This company is releasing the same rogue browser plugins to avoid detection by antivirus and anti-spyware programs. To prevent installation of BatBrowse computer users should be very careful when downloading free software, if you are offered to install some browser plugin together with your chosen software, be sure to click the decline button. If you have already installed this adware use the provided uninstallation instructions and remove it from your Internet browser.

BatBrowse  removal:

Windows 7 users:

Click “Start” (“Windows Logo” in the bottom left corner of your desktop), choose “Control Panel”. Locate “Programs and Features”.

Windows XP users:

Click “Start”, select “Settings” and click “Control Panel”. Locate and click “Add or Remove Programs”. Locate “Programs and Features”.

Windows 8 users:

Right-click in the screen’s lower left corner, select Control Panel. In the opened window select “Uninstall a Program”.

In the Remove programs window look for “BatBrowse”, select the entry and click “Uninstall” or “Remove”

Download Removal Toolto remove BatBrowse

After removal BatBrowse scan your computer for any left unwanted components or possible malware infections.   Recommended anti-spyware software.

Scan your computer for possible malware infections

Remove  BatBrowse from Internet browsers:

Video showing how to remove the unwanted browser add-ons:


BatBrowse from Internet Explorer:

Click “Tools” (or gear icon at Internet Explorer 9), select “Manage Add-ons”. Look for “BatBrowse” and disable it.

Optional method:

If you continue having problems with removal of BatBrowse you can reset you Internet Explorer settings to default.

Windows XP users: Click “Start”, click “Run”, in the opened window type “inetcpl. cpl “. In the opened window click on “Advanced” tab, then click Reset.

Windows Vista and Windows 7 users: Click the Windows logo, in the start search box, type “inetcpl. cpl “and click enter. In the opened window click on “Advanced” tab, then click Reset.


BatBrowse from Google Chrome:

Click on a wrench or bars icon (top right of the screen), select “Tools” and click on “Extensions”.   Locate: “BatBrowse” select it and click on a trash can icon.

If BatBrowse extension is grayed out and you can not remove it (“This extension is managed and cannot be removed for disabled”) please follow this removal guide- how to remove a managed Google Chrome extension?


BatBrowse from Mozilla Firefox:

Click “Tools” (at the top of the window), select “Add-ons”. Click on “Extensions” and disable this add-in: “BatBrowse”.

Optional method:

If you are having problems with the removal of BatBrowse you can reset you Mozilla Firefox settings to default.

Open Mozilla Firefox, at the top left corner of the main window click “Firefox”, in the open drop down menu select Help and then click on Troubleshooting Information, in the opened window click on “Reset Firefox” button.

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