Windows Accelerator Pro

If you can’t download or run the spyware remover try running registry fix (link below). It enables execution of programs. Download registryfix.reg file, double click it, click YES and then OK.

Windows Accelerator Pro removal using a registry key:

1. Click on a question mark icon (at the top of the main window of Windows Accelerator Pro) and select “Register”.

2. In the opened window enter this registry key: 0W000-000B0-00T00-E0001

3. After entering this registry key Windows Accelerator Pro will pretend to remove the previously detected security threats and will allow execution of installed programs. Notice that entering this registration key will not remove this rogue antivirus program – it will make the removal process less complicated.

4. Download legitimate anti-spyware software to completely remove Windows Accelerator Pro from your computer.

Download Removal Toolto remove Windows

remover for Windows Accelerator Pro

Windows Accelerator Pro removal using Safe Mode with Networking:

Step 1

Windows XP and Windows 7 users:   During your computer boot process press F8 key on your keyboard repeatedly until Windows Advanced Options menu shows up, then select Safe mode with networking from the list and press ENTER.

Video showing how to start Windows 7 in “Safe Mode with Networking”:

Video showing how to start Windows XP in “Safe Mode with Networking”:

Step 2

Remove proxy settings from Internet Explorer. This rogue antivirus adds a proxy the user’s Internet connection settings to display various errors when users try to access the Internet. To remove proxy settings: Open Internet Explorer and click on the gear icon. In the opened menu select “Internet Options. “

In the opened window select “Connections” tab.

In the “Connections” tab, click on “LAN settings”.

If “Use a proxy server for your LAN” is checked, uncheck it and click OK.

Step 3Download legitimate anti-spyware software to completely remove this fake antivirus program from your computer.

Step 4After removing this rogue software, you should reset one’s Hosts file. Don’t skip this step, Windows Accelerator Pro change your Hosts file, and you will encounter browser redirect issues if malicious entries will not be removed.

Download Removal Toolto remove Windows

Hosts file is used to resolve some canonical names of websites to IP addresses. When it’s modified users can be redirected to malicious sites while still seeing a good URL in the address bar. To fix this, please download Microsoft Fix It tool, it restores one’s hosts file to Windows default. Run this tool when downloaded and follow the on-screen instructions. Download link below:

Other tools known to remove Windows Accelerator Pro:

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